Wildlife animal populations are disappearing at an incredible rate. Footprints can be the proof of one animal’s existence. The one and only footprint on each work is to show the endangered situation of this species. It will not be long before we can find the last of its existence if pollution and habitat-lost continue to grow.

Painting portraits and figures is always exciting. It is my honor to be able to see each person's story and paint them and share them. I like to see their smiles and joy on their faces and illustrate the beauty of God's creation.


I love viewing landscape at a distance so I can be amazed by God's creation. But I also enjoy looking at nature in the closest distant I can see with my eyes. All the structures and designs on a smallest mustard seed to a big lotus leaf are so fascinating!




This is what drives me to keep painting, advancing my techniques, trying new subject matters, and experimenting new mediums.


My inspiration comes from the creations around me. They can be a bird nest on a tree, or a water drop on a leaf. I just love the creations.


All my paintings are 100% original hand painted artworks. Each of my paintings is one of a kind!


Balance is so fun because there are so many different combinations to play with. For example, balancing the room colors with the painting colors, the room theme with the painting content theme, etc.


A sense of beauty is what I pursuit in my paintings. I hope you find the same in my artworks.


My paintings have different sizes. Make sure you check the size of my paintings and the size you desire before buying. It is disappointing to see a tiny painting that does not fit a large living room wall.


I paint custom pets portraits. I have a dog and I love to use him as my model. His expression is full of joy, warm, and funny.
So if you or your friends have pets (ANY pets) that like to be painted onto paintings, feel free to contact me for a custom painting. And it is an awesome gift ideas for families and friends as well!

EMAIL: klee@kanosfineart.com






KANOS - After graduated from his bachelor degree of Fine Art in OCAD, Kanos developed a great interest in using acrylic paint in creating paintings. Kanos favorite subjects included animals, landscape, decoration, and surreal. In a lot of his paintings, you would see a cross-over on these subjects as he tried to create a sensible mood behind each composition. Kanos loved to use bold colors to create a strong mood with high details of definitions.

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